Last Supper Stew

After many years of planning to go out on her own, Cynthia K. Homire voluntarily stops eating and drinking (VSED).
Last Supper Stew, follows her end days as she begins April 1 and dies on April 12, 2019.

I met Cynthia Homire for a film I was making for the Harwood about Black Mt. College and it’s NM connection. I interviewed her for the film and we became fast friends. She asked me to be “her Person” as she was widowed and had no children, to help her navigate her elder years. She was legally blind, a poet, potter and a friendly face around town. We had a deeply personal connection, and I commuted over the years, from trusted friend to “the daughter she never wanted.” That always made us laugh.

I knew when I signed up to help her, that she wanted her life to end on her own terms. She was a great believer and contributor to Right to Die, Compassionate Choices and attended Death Café gatherings. After a tumor removal in 2016, Cynthia never felt well again and her eyes diminished to the point of difficulty getting around on her own. She lived with constant pain and dizziness. In Feb. 2019 she told me she was done and saw no reason to continue living this way. She would start her journey on April 1, cause the jokes on them and she would be done before death and taxes, on April 15. This is a glimpse of her dying with dignity, on her own terms. You meet her, fall in love and lose her in 9 min.