“Above all, life for a photographer cannot be a matter of indifference.”


Remarkable Women of Taos

I created these portraits in conjunction with the Remarkable Women of Taos events for the 2012 season. Desiree Manville and I collaborated to present some of the extraordinary women that make up the backbone of this community. A show was held in late Sept. 2012 at Manville Photography studio.

More lists.
In notebooks.
In different notebooks…
On scraps of paper.
A mental note.
Some are there
Some are new.
I see you in the grocery store and ask.
You say yes, it works out.
I ask you,
You forget
Or must work.
I ask you,
You say no,
I move on.
I ask you
And you say how soon?
I want to ask you
and you
And every woman I meet.
Ordinary women
Out of the ordinary women
Women of Taos.
We are complex and simple all at once.
We want to be seen and yet we don’t.
I glimpse your true nature, but only as much as you allow.
I am exhilarated having had this intimate connection,
when I’ve captured a moment in time that expresses
this extraordinary person in her ordinary life.”

-Kathleen Brennan

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