"Fire is never a gentle master."
"Fire is never a gentle master."
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Fires of Change

A Collaborative Project with Scientists and Artists

Fires of Change Project explores, through the eyes of artists, the increase in severity, size, and the number of wildfires in the Southwest and their impact on the landscape. It is a collaborative project with scientists and artists and aims to translate the complex social and ecological issues surrounding wildfire into art. It was funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Joint Fire Science Program.

In order to show art in the exhibition, the eleven artists in Fires of Change had to participate in a Fire Science Bootcamp, spending a week in the forests of Northern Arizona in late 2014. A team of top-notch fire scientists and managers provided the eleven invited artists education and training on the impact of wildfire in Northern Arizona in preparation for the exhibition.

The exhibition was Sept. 19, 2015, in Flagstaff, AZ at Coconino Center for the Arts and then traveled to University of Arizona Museum of Art in Tucson and 516 arts in Albuquerque.

The Matter of Life and Death

Poem and Video

Hot dry winds steal the drink from the rivers.

The soil, like blood, dries, and flakes and

Flies across the land moaning and gathering in far away places,

Cows hunt for food.

No rains, no snow from the mountains, dry at the end of the ditch,

Bone dry.


For the match to strike

The lightning to charge,

It will come.

Relief to the dead brittle bones that were once trees,

Fire comes with no mercy.

Fierce, decisive and swift.

The urgency of fire is here.

It is the elephant in the room.

The crossing point

We have reached

Into the landscape of our future.

We live in a time of hazard.


She is the matter of life and death.

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