"…The beauty of the Plains is like that of an icon…what seems stern and almost empty is merely open, a door into some simple and holy state."



Northeastern New Mexico

In 2013, I began documenting the effects of drought in the northeastern corner of New Mexico. Ranchers and farmers have been struggling to keep their herds and grow their fields. Now, 5 years later, they are back to exceptional drought along with Taos and most of northern New Mexico.

To read more about what’s happening in New Mexico visit droughtnm.com

Where the Black Top Ends:
​Part One

I was reading the Sunday paper recently (3.3.13) to find another story on the front page about the serious drought here in New Mexico. The lack of water is affecting the Southwest. Kay Pinkston was the Mayor of Maxwell and she spoke about the drought that has been affecting the area for the last several years.

Where the Black Top Ends:
​Part Two

Roger Kuchan explains how the drought in Maxwell, New Mexico is affecting his way of life.

Where the Black Top Ends:
​Part Three

This short video shows the plains between Cimarron and Maxwell, NM and how they looked on recent windy days. My nights have been filled with howling windy dreams…

Remembering the Dust Bowl

Bess Issacs of Clayton, NM recalls the Dust Bowl days of her youth.