women of taos

Women of Taos: Portraits

Cathy Boyle Pat HeinenJina BrennemanDeborah Rael BuckleyErnestina CordovaLiz CunninghamEffie RomeroKat DuffGretchen EwertMJ GarciaZelma GoldsteinBarbara HarmonCynthia HomireAnnell LivingstonHeather PipkinChristina MasoliverJane MingenbachKate O'Neill


More lists.

In notebooks.

In different notebooks…

On scraps of paper.

A mental note.

Some are there

Some are new.

I see you in the grocery store and ask.

You say yes, it works out.

I ask you,

You forget

Or must work.

I ask you,

You say no,

I move on.

I ask you

And you say how soon?

I want to ask you

and you

And every woman I meet.

Ordinary women

Out of the ordinary women

Women of Taos.

We are complex and simple all at once.

We want to be seen and yet we don’t.

I glimpse your true nature, but only as much as you allow.

I am exhilarated having had this intimate connection,

when  I’ve captured a moment in time that expresses

this extraordinary person in her ordinary life.


These portraits were done in conjunction with the Remarkable Women of Taos events for the 2012 season. Desiree Manville and I collaborated to present some of the extraordinary women that make up the backbone of this community. A show was held in late Sept. 2012 at manville photography studio. To see Desiree’s portraits go to manville photography.