remembering the dust bowl

Recently, I read about the Dust Bowl as written by Timothy Egan in “The Worst Hard Time.” You’ll find a NY Times Review here:

Although we aren’t facing what the folks of the 30’s were, it seems that we are facing the elements of dust, drought , stress on wildlife and the land, and extreme fire danger.

Everyday, it seems, brings news of fires in NM and throughout the west.

Reading Egan’s book spurred me on to Clayton, NM and into Texas and Oklahoma where the dust bowl began.


Clayton Crossroads CountryPrairie Outside ClaytonCows Grazing on Parched LandFarmers and Stockmens BankIsaacs Hardware Store

While in Clayton, I was told that Bess Isaacs who still works the family hardware store, had stories to tell about the dust bowl days and she agreed to an interview.

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